Employees Feeling Glum? Give the Gift of Gifts!

by Allan Peretz

Are your employees looking glum around the office? If so, you're not alone . Our recent survey showed that only 53 percent of employees feel appreciated at their jobs. To an employer that can be very disheartening. However, this is something that you can fix pretty easily.

While we've previously focused on training programs, appreciation events, and other similar programs, today we're going to focus on gifts. Gifts can provide a quick shot in the arm - in addition to the tangible benefits they provide, they let the employee know that you're thinking about them. In addition, if you choose thoughtfully, you can also demonstrate that you understand the employee - what they want and need.

Here are some thought starters that you can use if you want to buy a gift or gifts for your employees.

1. Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts were really popular in the 1990s and early 2000s. Cigar boxes, flasks, keychains, and other gifts were often customized with a recipient's initials, their favorite saying, a team motto, etc. These gifts have fallen out of favor a bit due to overuse but if done well they can be effective.

Today's personalization is more about wise selection of the right gift for the right person. Does one of your employees love going to the ball game with their kids? How about getting them some great tickets for the home opener. Does another employee consider themselves an amateur chef? Then maybe high quality kitchen gear or even spices could be just the thing.

2. Technology Accessories

The gadgets you carry / have at your desk are often seen as a sign of status. In addition, they can make life easier. Having the latest and greatest phone can bring some joy and productivity to your life. So while it may seem a little utilitarian, consider productivity gifts for your employees.

Not sure what they want? Consider offering them a "shopping spree" at the local office store where in addition to a phone, they can pick up the latest ergonomic chair, bluetooth headset, a better mouse, etc.

3. Drinks / Mugs

Mugs? Yes, mugs. The majority of employees drink some sort of hot beverage, even occasionally, and a mug is not only functional but can be one of the ways employees use to express themselves. Here, again, you have the opportunity to personalize. Employee into comic books? Well, maybe they'd love a cool Batman mug. Into inspirational quotes? Those mugs are available too.

Look for quality - nothing's worse than a cheap mug that wears out after the first wash. Use ratings and reviews to ensure your gift will be every bit as good as you expect.

4. Gift Baskets

Everyone loves an excuse to indulge and gift baskets, featuring yummy delights, can be just that. As an added benefit, they're available at nearly any price point so you can find something that feels just right for your gifting occasion.

As an added benefit, employees will almost always take these home, passing on the joy and appreciation to their families as well.

5. Employee Recognition Gifts Coins

We'd be remiss if we didn't mention Appreciation Coins. We've created what we believe to be some of the highest quality coins on the market. Each 1.75" coin features a 5-color design recognizing an employee quality or accomplishment.  You can find our exclusive coins on this site! Be sure to show your employees appreciation with these gift ideas!