Once Upon a Time in Kansas...

... there was a soldier named Allan (that's him under the arrow) who was getting ready to leave the Army. He was heading off to college but, more importantly and unknown to me at the time, he was getting ready to become part of my world.

Just a few months later in Illinois, he and I met and our lives would never be the same!

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Much later in Alaska...

... our family of four was on vacation. I had just decided to retire from being an elementary school teacher and was thinking through ways to continue working part time.

As we traveled through the Alaska in a rented RV, we had lots of ideas. Somewhere along the way I agreed to try my hand at building an online products business.

Our first launch, an employee recognition brand called AttaCoin, was a hit. Within just 6 months, our business was making money!

...The Story Continues, Now in Arkansas!

The business grew and grew as we launched more new products. Eventually, it got so big that Allan left his job in marketing to work for our company full-time.

He started a consulting team which helps other brands grow online too. Now he does that full time while I work on product sourcing.

Today, our company has almost 40 team members across the US and internationally. We still see ourselves as a family business!

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